Wine Wind Down ~ Cook With What You Have!

We're back with another Wine Wind Down. Today we're talking about cooking with what you have. We had "nothing to eat" and found a bunch of opened containers in our fridge. We wound up making a really tasty dinner and used up a ton of leftovers!

The wine is from Invino.
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The awesome Food Network oven mitts are from Kohl's.

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Our other site we mentioned:

Cooking Creme deal post (just so you know we're not lying!) :)

Post from a while back <---- where we actually got both the sausage and the beers! Questions or comments? Leave them below! We love to hear from you!

Wine Wine Down ~ Labor Day Edition!

I know it's the Wine Wind Down, but the Budweiser guy talked us into these Bud Light Limarita things and they are delicious!
You may want to turn up your volume, this one got a little quiet. Sorry!

The hot dog deal mentioned in the video is part of the Kraft Catalina deal here.
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Wine Wind Down ~ How to Read a Coupon

Update: Sign up for our FREE grocery savings class on 11/13/12 at the McKinley Library in Sacramento!

It's that time again: The Wine Wind Down! So grab a glass of whatever you'd like, and enjoy! We love requests, so let us know what you want us to talk about in the comments section below!

Link to the "post from today" that Zack is referring to at 5:38: Free Stayfree from Target!

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Wine Wind Down ~ Coupon Stacking

Welcome to the Wine Wind Down! We're going to try and get one of these up every week or so! Grab a glass of your favorite vino (or any drink of choice) and enjoy!
We also take requests, so let us know what you'd like to see in the weeks to come!