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Got an Older iPhone? Lock in Your Trade-In Value Today!

Here's a great offer from Gazelle. If you're one who likes trading up on your electronics, check this out:

As the launch date for a new iPhone gets closer, the value of old iPhones tends to depreciate rather quickly. To help consumers get the best value, Gazelle, the nation’s leading consumer electronics trade-in site, announced the extension of its industry-leading 30-day price lock guarantee to up to 50 days for orders placed before September 10th. With this extended price lock, consumers can get today’s trade-in price for their old or unwanted iPhone, and hold onto their device until after the new iPhone is in hand. Consumers who lock in an offer between today and September 10th will have until October 15th to send their old iPhones to Gazelle. Current pricing for the iPhone 5 ranges between $125 for a broken phone and to $350 for a phone in flawless condition. Visit Gazelle today, and see what your iPhone is worth!

Yard Sale Tips ~ How to Maximize Your Earnings!

yard sale tips
With yard sale season in full swing, I thought it was a good time to share some of my own yard sale tips with you all We learned some secrets to success from a couple of our own yard sales and attending a bunch. Here are a few yard sale tips to consider when having a sale of your own.

Good Signs:
Easy to read, well places signs are hugely important to the success of your yard sale. Place your clearly written signs in high traffic areas. Try and find both high auto and foot traffic spots. Make the date, time and address the largest written facts. Write a fre big ticket or "hot" items as well. Also, it's going to take your potential customer a few turns to get from your main signs to your sale, consider making a few simple arrow signs to direct people from the street where they first saw your sign. If you pick a bright color and stick with it for your arrow signs, people will recognize them as yours and it will be easier for them to kno that they are heading in the right direction.

Curb Appeal:
As many people as we had at our sales, at least twice than any drove by slowly while looking at our stuff. If you shop garage sales, you are probably guilty of the classic yard sale drive by. You kinda sorta feel like stopping, but nothing catches your eye from 20 feet away while driving. So you pass. Of course, it would be impossible to feature everything, but pick some nicer items that are large enough to see from the road and put them out in front. Also, simply having a clean setup and making it not look like a junk sale will go a long way in getting people to stop and get out of their cars. Nobody wants to feel like they're rummaging through someone else's junk. Present it as a sale, not a junk pile. Use whatever space you can. Lay clothing out on a lawn, or hang it from a tree or garage door. You aslso may want to give your dishes and vases a quick rinse and shine so they don’t look dull and unappealing. Think about what attracts you to certain sales and items at those sales, and what pushes you away. Chances are if you listen to yourself, you’ll do just fine in increasing your curb appeal.

Have Bags:
It’s a known fact that when grocery shopping, having a cart makes you a LOT more likely to buy things you would pass on if you did not have a cart. If it’s something that will be cumbersome to carry around, people are more likely to pass on it. On the other hand, if you have a bag available and you see something you like, it's easy to just put it in the bag and continue shopping. If you see someone is interested in a few things, or has already picked up a couple, offer them a bag to shop with! At the very least, offer to hold those items that they already have in their hands for them until they are ready to pay. Don't let their inability to hold all of your awesome items at one time be the reason they stop shopping!

Have Cash and Coin Change:
It is important to start your sale with a cash and coin bank. You are expected (and rightfully so) by garage sale patrons to have a reasonable amount of change. If someone has a $10 and is buying a $0.50 item, it’s your responsibility to have $9.50 in change. If you don’t, you risk losing that sale. Having $25 in one dollar bills, $25 in five dollar bills and a roll of quarters is a safe bet. If you’re charging less than $0.25 per item have a roll of dimes and nickels as well. Using money from a coin jar is a great idea here.

Do you have any yard sale tips to share? Leave a comment below!

How to Sell on Craigslist

How to sell on craigslist

Selling on Craigslist can be an intimidating thing. However, it can also be a wonderful thing. If you ever sell on Ebay, you know that you lose about 15% of your sale due to Ebay and Paypal fees. Additionally, there's packaging and shipping involved. With Craiglist, there are no fees and the transaction is a one-stop-shop! Meeting people in person is a strange concept, but it's what Craigslist is about! There are some things you can do to make the process of selling on Craigslist a lot easier.

First, I better give the details specifically on how to sell on Craigslist. Head to and click on any of the categories (like, "for sale" or "collectibles" for example). In the upper right portion of the page, you'll see the word "post". Click that and follow the steps. That's all there is to the technical part of listing! Make sure to turn off your location so your exact location is not on the map that everyone sees.

Here are some tips for how to sell on Craigslist:

Take good pictures.
Good pictures will help your cause ten-fold. Nobody wants a fuzzy or teeny tiny picture. You are selling something, so act like it! Take close-up, good quality pictures that clearly show the item, its condition and any other necessary elements. If your item has obvious blemishes, photograph them. Being 100% honest about your product will save you heartache later.

Check your email.
Craigslist buyers are generally impatient. Most likely, whatever you are selling on CL can be found from several other sellers as well. If you are going to list something for sale, plan on checking your email frequently throughout the day to make sure you're responding to questions and interested parties. Potential buyers won't stop looking for their item once they email you, so you want to be there to respond quickly and snatch up the sale.

State your price up front.
Nobody wants to dance around. Say what you have and state what you want to get for it. If you want $200 for your TV, say so. "Contact me for price" never works. What people do is they just find someone else who is selling the same thing and actually listing the price.

Exchange phone numbers.
This is stepping over the comfort line for most people, but is becoming extremely commonplace with Craigslist sales. A buyer gains a bit of confidence from a seller willing to provide their phone number. And they lose a TON of buying confidence when a seller refuses. Why are they refusing? Is their product going to be a dud? Are they going to rob me? Which brings me to my next point.

I cannot stress this enough. Meet in public whether you are buying or selling. Pick some place VERY PUBLIC. I prefer a Starbucks parking lot (lots of foot traffic) or a grocery store parking lot. Parks, homes and street corners should be out of the question. Go with your gut. If you pull up and don't like what you see, just keep moving.

An ideal transaction would go like this:
• you post an item for sale using nice pictures and an accurate description
• a buyer contacts you through Craigslist's system and expresses interest
• you answer whatever questions the buyer has and arrange to set up a meeting
• at the meeting, your buyer inspects your product and is satisfied, because your item is exactly as described
• buyer gives you money, you give buyer product and you part ways

That's it!

*If you're buying, you can pretty much apply these same tips.

Have you sold stuff on Craigslist?

How was your transaction?

How One Guy Makes a Few Hundred Dollars a Month Selling Micro Services on Fiverr

how to make money on fiverr

The following is a guest post from Kevin McClellan. He wants to show you how he makes some extra cash! Read more about Kevin after this post! is a Micro Job site that lets people post what they will do for $5. Launched in 2010, the site has grown to have more than a million Gigs for sale. I joined Fiverr over a year ago so I could buy some cheap services for graphics, article writing, and some other useful things. After I learned about how Fiverr worked, I became interested in selling my web design services on their site.

Fast forward to June, 2013. I have been selling on Fiverr now since the end of January, and have profited more than $1,200. Not a whole lot, but the $250 to $350+ per month that I have been earning has really helped pay some of the smaller bills I have.

I usually try to keep my gigs something easy to do, and build on it from there. All Gigs on Fiverr start out at $5, so keeping it simple will save you a lot of time. Don't put yourself in a situation where you'll be making less than minimum wage. Offer the basic Gig for $5, and then offer additional services either in Gig Extras, or in the Gig description.

Fiverr also has Seller Levels that offer additional selling tools. The beginner level, just starting out, only allows you to sell the basic $5 Gig. Don't panic though, because once you show your ability to make people happy after just 10 sales (with positive feedback), then you'll advance to Level one where you'll be able to start offering Gig Extras.

There are 2 more levels, Level 2, and Top Rated Seller, which will open up the possibility to sell even More Gig Extras. If you sell 50 orders within 60 days with good feedback, then you'll automatically advance to Level 2, where you can offer Gig extras up to $40 each. Keep in mind that an order can have multiple gigs (so if someone orders 10 gigs at once, it only counts as one order).

So here are some tips to help you get to these levels:

1. Always over deliver on your orders (offering a freebie or discount will go a long way)
2. Don't cancel orders. You can put in your description to have people contact you prior to ordering. That will save you from having to cancel a lot of orders. A high amount of cancellations (over 10%) will affect your Level Status, and could get you downgraded.
3. Deliver on-time, every time. Late deliveries will cause trouble.
4. Communicate. Your buyers want to hear from you. I always make a point to update them on the progress at least every day.
5. Don't give in to people who ask for a discount. If you say something is going to cost them $50, then stick to it. The ones who try to talk you down are the same people who will leave a negative comment for no real reason.
6. Fiverr will let you post several gigs. I would recommend posting several variations of your gig within different categories. This will give you more exposure, and will help buyers find you easier.

There is a lot more we could discuss about Fiverr, but the best way to learn about it, is to just go sign up and start selling. There is also a Forum for sellers where we all share ideas and support each other.

Join Fiverr now, or if you are looking for some website services, come visit me on Fiverr.

kevin author picAbout the Author -- Kevin McClellan
Experienced WordPress Developer of more than 7 years, and has been designing websites even before WordPress was invented. You can find him on Fiverr at

Note from Zack:
Thanks Kevin! I really want you all to notice what he said he does with the extra $250-$300/month. He said, "has really helped pay some of the smaller bills I have". So if you're having trouble catching up on bills, this is just one of the many options out there. Extra money is all around waiting to be earned, but you have to go get it! It's not going to walk up to you and jump in your wallet.
Also, any fellow WordPress bloggers out there, save this guy's profile because the work you can get from him for $5 is definitely worth it!

Selling on Ebay the Easy Way

how to sell on ebay the easy way

I recently posted about how I bought 14 Barbie dolls at a garage sale for the sole purpose of reselling them on ebay. I'm sure there were some people who read that and were turned off by the whole ebay part of the equation. The truth is, selling on ebay can be a very simple process. There are some things that you can do to really streamline everything and make it a stress free experience.

First, I will say that if you are going to sell on Ebay, be aware of the fees. For most items, they charge a 10% final value fee. Paypal also charges a 2.98% fee and is the required payment method on ebay. Listing is free (for your 1st 50 items per month) although you can buy listing upgrades as well. 10% is not bad for the exposure that you get. To compare, Amazon takes 15% of the sale for most of their 3rd party sales.

It is just important to know the cost of selling on ebay so you can factor that into your decision. For the casual seller, fees are just a part of the equation that you just accept and that's it. For a re-seller, you have to consider the fees whenever purchasing an item for the intention to resell.

Ok, so no matter why you are selling, how do sell on ebay the easy way? Here are a few things that can make your experience super easy:

Flat Rate Shipping
Use USPS flat rate boxes and envelopes for everything if you can. First of all, they are free for you to use. 2nd, they make figuring out shipping so easy, since it is a flat rate. All you have to do is figure out what size flat rate package your item fits in. In my early ebay career, I would lose money on shipping sometimes because I estimated a certain cost for shipping and it turned out to be more. If a seller undercharges for shipping, the seller eats the extra cost. With flat rate boxes, I know what the cost will be every time.

Pay for Shipping Online
This is the 2nd step to using the flat rate options. I don't know about you, but I try and avoid the post office lines like the plague. Buying and printing your shipping labels online can help you do just that. Best part? You can do it right from your ebay dashboard!
ebayLook for the above option under your "items sold" section. You can buy and print right there. Ebay will even fill in the address info for you and your buyer! This may sound like a USPS commercial, but it really is just the easiest way.

Everything is streamlined through Paypal too, which makes it even easier! You won't have to worry about how to pay for the shipping label because the buyer will have paid you using Paypal and you pay for the shipping label with Paypal. It's all one big happy circle!

Once you have the pre-paid packages, you can actually even call for a free USPS pickup, or you can drop them off at a USPS location at their package dropoff area without waiting in line.

Only Sell Domestically
This one might (it probably won't) cause you to get less bids on your items, but is essential in keeping you out of the post office line. You MUST wait in line and fill out a customs form when shipping packages outside the US. This is the reason why I only sell domestically. Again, we're trying to keep this process as easy as possible, and this is an essential step. I used to sell to anywhere and I'd sell 15 things with ONE being from another country and that one order would cost me 15-20 minutes in line at the post office. Not worth it.

Use a Template
Instead of writing a unique listing every time, use a template to include key information that will be in every listing. Things like "US buyers only please" or "Shipping is buy USPS flat rate Priority" or "Up for auction is..." and great for templates. Right in the sell area of ebay, there's an option to create templates. Remember, the more info you get on that template, the less typing you're going to have to do for every auction.

That's about it! As far as making selling on ebay easy, the above things will do wonders for you. It will really make the process so easy. The process will go like this: find your item, create your listing, wait for bids and sales, get paid, print shipping label, drop off package. Done!

Selling on ebay can be a great source of extra income! Don't think of it as a complicated process, because it is far from it!