Buying Textbooks? Here are Some Options for You to Check Out!

Looking for a deal on textbooks?

Saving money on textbooks can be tough. There are options out there. You can rent, buy used, shop on craigslist or look at a bunch of book sites and compare prices.

We've got a few sites that people recommended for finding cheap textbooks. Some of these you can also rent from, which is definitely an option to save money.

First up, our personal favorite just because we like them is Amazon.
Their prices are usually very competitive and right now, they are giving $5 MP3 credit when you buy $25 in textbooks through 9/30. You can only get 1 credit per account (my first thought was to buy the books one at a time, but they figured me out already!). Shop Amazon here!


Chegg rents textbooks. They charge a lot more than Amazon. We looked up 10 books and every single one was cheaper to buy on Amazon than it was to rent from Chegg. They have a hefty advertising budget and I've seen TV commercials for them, but don't be a sucker. Check Amazon first.
Not exactly for textbooks, but a lot of classes require random books that can be found here. Their prices are low and they offer free worldwide shipping. Just be aware that their prices are in Pounds, not dollars.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - New, Secondhand, Rare Books

Abe Books is not a US site, but has tons of books and ship to the US. We checked a couple and they were actually cheaper than Amazon. Their prices are in Pounds. Use Google to convert the Pounds to dollars.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Rent or Buy textbooks

eCampus looks a bit overpriced, but these are all book specific, so check to see if they have yours for cheap!
There are a couple of coupon codes floating around for eCampus that might work. Try LUNCHLADY for 2% off or 10OFF150 for $10 off $150 or more.

So there you go... MOST LIKELY, your search will begin and end at Amazon, as they probably won't be beat in price. Plus their customer service, ease of ordering and $5 Mp3 promo make them the best option for most people!
Also, don't forget to sell your old textbooks back asap so you can get he most money for them! Most of the sites listed above also buy textbooks.

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