Big News from Walmart About Black Friday! Start Shopping Today!

Double update: see our official update post here.

Update: until we hear more information on this, I would not count on it. Unfortunately, Walmart is all over the place on this one. Paul works directly with Walmart on many matters and the information he (and we) provided did indeed come straight from Walmart executives. We will provide information as we get it.

Paul, the Walmart expert from I Heart the Mart just broke some amazing news!

Here's the great news: Walmart will match items previously placed on layaway with Black Friday pricing. Plain and simple, this means you can go to Walmart TODAY, put items that will be on sale during Black Friday on layaway, and waltz in anytime you want on Black Friday to pay for your layaway items with the price match to Black Friday prices.

Note: layaway will be closed on Thursday, but the Thursday deals are said to continue through Friday. We are still waiting on confirmation of this, so stick to the Friday deals to be safe.

To see our full post of the Walmart Black Friday 2012 deals <---------- go here! So go grab that $38 Blu-Ray player (Which is $69.99 today) and put it on layaway! Pick it up anytime on Black Friday and price match it to the BF price! You can also match other stores, so if you see something cheaper at Target, Walmart will match that as well. You can put items on layaway from now until Wednesday 11/21. You cannot price match the Black Friday ad today, it must be on Black Friday.

(Thanks, I Heart the Mart!)


  1. Would be great if it turns out to happen!

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