BevMo 5 Cent Wine Sale is Here! A Few Recommendations…

Well, this is one of my favorite times of year! Beverages and More, or BevMo, is having their 5 cent sale where you buy one bottle of select (over 200 to choose from) wine and you get another one for 5 cents! Needless to say, that is a GREAT deal.

Here are some that I see that I have tried before and recommend:

Callaway Cabernet - $8.99 (second bottle only $0.05!) This stuff is SUPER smooth, we actually just drank a bottle this week! I am so happy to see it back on the 5 cent sale!

Dante Merlot - $12.99 - this stuff is sweet, smooth and easy to drink.

Gnarly Head Pinot Grigio - $12.99 - anything by Gnarly Head is wonderful for the price, especially at the 5 cent sale!

Renwood Zinfandel - $19.99 - Very good Zin, but you have to like Zins.

Shiloh Road Cabernet - $17.99 - great cabernet!

Remember, with all of the bottles I listed, the second one is only 5 cents! They do NOT allow mixing and matching (even if the brand and price are the same), so you do have to get 2 of the same bottle.

One thing I like to do at the 5 cent sale is buy a few extra bottles for those surprise gift giving occasions that you may not be fully prepared for. I have a few wine bags on hand, along with a selection of bottles I can pull from to create a great, and inexpensive (if you shop the 5 cent sale) and fairly universal adult gift!

For a full list of every wine included in the 5 cent sale, go here.


  1. hey zack – aww man! i’m soo bummed out that i don’t have one close by!!! shipping is as much as the total cost of wines – i’m such a wine person too. aw shucks. maybe i can talk my local store into doing the same type of deal…

    • Dang! I was thinking there would be some people who don’t have a BevMo… I will keep my eye out for wine deals in the future though! Sometimes the CVS and Rite Aid ads have rebate forms…

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