Beauty Gift Sets from Walmart Just 2 for $12 Plus Free Magazines!

Walmart has beauty gift sets on sale for $6 each when you buy 2!
These are normally prices between $10-$15 and include a lot of great high value items!

See all of the beauty gift sets here. Pick 2 and your total will be $12 with just $0.97 shipping!

Each one has a free magazine offer attached to it!

Here are the magazines attached to each item.
I am not sure if you will be able to decline the magazine and take a check like we have been able to do in the past with these gift set offers.
The Olay Set - "one-year subscription to Allure magazine or any one of five other publications".
The Gillette Set - "Bonus four-week magazine subscription".
The Best in Beauty Allure Set - "one-year free subscription for Allure magazine or any one of their five publications.Allure magazine or any one of their five publications".
The Dove Set - "Complimentary Free Magazine Subscription - details on pack".

Get started choosing your beauty gift sets here!

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