3HP CleanBlend Commercial Blender

3hp cleanblend commercial blender
A while back, I wrote about the Best Green Smoothie Blenders on the market right now. One of the most popular choices from that post was the CleanBlend 3HP commercial blender.

This popularity was for good reason: this blender performs as well as the higher priced options from the famous makers of commercial blenders like BlendTec and VitaMix. If you look at Amazon for the CleanBlend commercial blender, you'll see that it gets extremely high reviews. And not from just a few people, we're talking about 48 reviews at an average rating of 5-stars out of 5.

This blender is modestly priced at $199.99 and will blow your standard blender out of the water. This 3HP CleanBlend commercial blender will whip up anything you throw in it.

One of the best things this blender can do is make nut butters from scratch. No more buying sugar-loaded peanut butter or really expensive almond or cashew butter. This bad boy is powerful enough to turn a handful of raw nuts into butter like that! Just throw in a cup of cashews, peanuts or almonds and turn this sucker on. In a couple of minutes, you'll have smooth nut butter that is made fresh.

The unbreakable 64-oz BPA free blender container is another great feature of this thing. No more heavy glass blender container that can break or chip.

You can also buy this blender worry-free, as it comes with a 2-year warranty.

If you've been reading recipes and cooking blogs that always call for blending ingredients that simply don't blend for you, then it might be time to take the plunge here. A lot of those sites say "blend this" or "blend that" and they have high-powered commercial blenders. Some of the home blenders simply don't have enough power to blend certain ingredients. This 3HP CleanBlend commercial blender has that power.

I recommend looking into this blender if you have been wanting to purchase a commercial blender. For the money, I don't know if you can do any better than the 3HP CleanBlend commercial blender mentioned in this post.

Campbells Soup Coupons

campbells soup coupons
If you're looking for Campbells Soup coupons, you're in luck. Campbells Soup coupons are almost always available to print online. There are so many different products in the Campbells product line that you can be sure to always find savings on at least one of them.

There are commonly Campbells Soup coupons for their regular soups, their Campbells condensed soups and for their chunky soups. They also have some new Harvest soup cans and other soups that they release coupons for from time-to-time as well.

Where can I find Campbells Soup coupons?

Click here to find printable online Campbells Soup coupons and other money-saving grocery coupons. If available, you'll find them under the "foods" section of the coupon page. If you don't see any, be sure to browse the over 200 other great coupons to save money on your grocery trip in other areas.

Just about every week, grocery stores have Campbells Soup products on sale. This is a perfect time and place to use your Campbells Soup coupons. Using coupons on top of sales is one of the best, and easiest, ways to save a bunch of money at the grocery store each week. I always recommend that people use coupons whenever possible! It's like free money!

Don't forget - CLICK HERE to find money-saving grocery coupons!

Another thing I recommend is that if you see Campbells Soup coupons available to print, print them right away. Because while they are available often, the last thing you want to have happen is for you to see an awesome sale on Campbells products and not have a coupon to stack on top of that sale.

The time to find the best sales is around the holiday season. You'll find amazing deals on the condensed soups because they are targeting people who are baking and cooking. You'll find other great deals on the soup varieties because the weather is cold and people are eating more soup. Being canned products, this is the time to buy for the rest of the year. Shop smart and save a ton of money by doing this!

All it takes is a little planning and you can save big money at the grocery store. Just because you don't need the product or products right at this very moment doesn't mean that you will never need them. Thinking forward will help you to score the best deals and to save more money inthe long run.

Where have you seen Campbells Soup coupons

What is your favorite Campbells product?

Certified Refurbished Vitamix Blender Under $300!!

refurbished vitamix blenders
I included Vitamix blenders in my post about the best blender for green smoothies ----< found here. Well, today we have a massive deal on certified refurbished Vitamix blenders.

Zulily has certified refurbished Vitamix blenders for $299 today! This is an incredible price reduction from the $449.99 regular price. And, because these are certified refurbished and being offered by the manufacturing company itself, you can rest assured that your product will arrive and will perform as good as new.

You can expect your Vitamix blender to be the best blender you have ever used. This machine can make soups warm just by the friction and heat created by the spinning blades! As a matter of fact, the blades are not even sharp. The blender spins so fast that it pulverizes everything in its path!

With this deal, you can choose from 4 different colors: red, white, blue and black.

Note: Each Certified Reconditioned motor unit goes through a 17-point inspection. You will receive a new container shell, two-part lid, tamper and cookbook package. Vitamix guarantees the same quality and durability for every machine, regardless of its original name or product series. Labels may reflect the following C-Series machines: 5200, CIA™ Professional Series®, Creations® II, Creations® GC, Professional Series® 200, Total Nutrition Center® or TurboBlend® VS. Switch grips may also vary by model. Any price comparison is to a new, non-refurbished product price.

Here's a little more about what you will get with this blender:

  • Includes blender, tamper, Getting Started Plus: The Perfect Recipe Combination DVD and Let's Get Started: A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Vitamix Machine cookbook
  • 7.25'' W x 20.5'' H x 8.75'' D
  • Holds 64 oz.
  • Pitcher: Eastman Tritan copolyester
  • Blades: laser-cut stainless steel hammer mill
  • Handle and lid: silicone
  • 2-peak HP motor
  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system
  • BPA-free
  • Spillproof vented lid with plug to enable the addition of ingredients while blender is running
  • Collared tamper to prevent scuffing against blades
  • Hand wash
  • Certified reconditioned (learn more)
  • 5-year warranty covers all parts, performance, labor and shipping
  • Built and reconditioned in the USA

This is a rare opportunity to pay well under the retail price for one of these machines. As stated above, you will still get a whopping 5-year warranty with this deal!

Purchase this blender here today!

Or, if you reached this page after the sale, check out Amazon for a deal where you can still save around $100 on new Vitamix blenders.

I recommend you make the jump today and join the high-end blender revolution!

Duncan Hines Coupons 2014

duncan hines coupons 2014
If you're looking for Duncan Hines coupons 2014 circa, this post is for you.

The thing is, Duncan Hines coupons don't come around very often. For this reason, I encourage you to take a look at the coupons that are available to print just below this post.

When you do find Duncan Hines coupons in 2014, you'll see that most of them are going to be for cake mixes and won't be for a ton of money off. We also see Duncan Hines coupons in 2014 for their brownie mixes. A common coupon would be for $0.50 off of one package of Duncan Hines brownie mix.

You will tend to see more Duncan Hines coupons 2014 during the holiday season. This is because more and more people are baking and cooking, which means they are looking for products like the ones that Duncan Hines sells.

For this reason, during November and December, keep your eyes out for Duncan Hines coupons in 2014. You'll probably see more printable coupons in addition in insert coupons for Duncan Hines products.

If you see any Duncan Hines coupons available to print in the widget above, I recommend that you print them right away. Duncan Hines coupons can come and go at any time and you really don't want to miss out on a good coupon. Even if you don't plan on buying the products at the exact time you see the coupon, just print it and have it handy. Most of the coupons printed from the internet have a 30-day expiration date, which means you can save them and wait for a sale to pay even less money.

That method is the very essence of couponing. Get the coupons in your possession and then wait for a sale. And if one doesn't come along? Then you've wasted a fraction of a penny printing the coupon - not a big deal and worth the reward of big time savings.

Swanson Coupons

swanson coupons
Swanson coupons are available online to print quite often. The thing about Swanson coupons is that they are fairly seasonal. You can expect to see more Swanson coupons during the fall and holiday seasons. This is because more people are cooking at home and broths are being used (and purchased) more. Broth is the backbone of Swanson's brand and may of their coupons are for cans or cartons of broth.

Where else are Swanson coupon found?

Swanson coupons are also found in coupon inserts. Again, you'll find an abundance of the Swanson coupons during the holiday season.

I have also found coupons for Swanson products in the form of tearpads as well. So keep your eye out for those when you're at the grocery store. They have also been known to appear in little free recipe booklets that some grocery stores give out.

A typical Swanson coupon will be something like $0.40 off of 3 or 4 cans. It may not seem like much of a savings, but also keep in mind that Swanson products go on sale a LOT. In addition, they regular price is not very high to begin with.

Using coupon along with a sale can make the price of Swanson broth and other products extremely low. Even better, a lot of grocery stores put Swanson product on some great promotions around the holidays. Last year, 2 separate local grocery stores had Swanson broth cans as part of a Buy 10 for $1 each, save $5 instantly. So right off the bat, the cans were $0.50 each. Se what I mean? Now, add a $0.40 off of 3 cans coupon and you're paying under forty cents per can!

What are Swanson coupons for in 2014?

Swanson coupons in 2014 are still for the classic cans of broth, but there are new products as well. Keep your eye out for printable coupons for their new infused broths as well. With flavors like Mexican Tortilla, Chinese Sweet & Sour and Thai Ginger, I'm interested in trying these, coupon or not!

Don't want to cook for yourself with Swanson? Check out this post about Smart Ones coupons!