Are You Wondering Where the $5 Crest Whitestrips Rebate Is? We’ve Got a Link for You!

So in P&G's attempt to get me to hate them even more, they have apparently disguised their latest $5 mail in rebate. Maybe this was so they could have Rite Aid and other stores publish the fact that there is a $5 rebate in their ads, or maybe so they could include a full page about it in the P&G Saver. Who knows?

What I do know, is that when I went to the website mentioned in the May P&G Saver, this is what I saw:

What do you know? NO mention of the rebate at all. Well, if you click the "NEW! Coupons" section, you do get to this screen:

Well look at that! You can clearly see that the rebate pictured is the old rebate. You can even see the dates (2/15/12-4/28/12). So, thinking that there is no $5 rebate form out there, I went to Crest's Facebook page and asked. Here's what I got:

And where do you think that link takes you? You got it! To the page pictured above, with the $15 expired rebate being advertised! I have looked at the page about 15 times, to make sure I am not crazy. No $5 rebate mentioned anywhere. You just have to happen to click the expired one to find the new one.

Another wonderful job by the folks at Crest and P&G. Thanks for taking the time for make things accessible for everyone. :/

For the actual rebate, click here.

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