Are You Seeing Us on Facebook?

Are You Seeing Us on Facebook?
If not, you could miss out on giveaways like the one we did yesterday for $5 Paypal!

If you want to see more (or all!) of our updates on Facebook, here's how:

1. While on your own Facebook page, find and click on the lists tab on the left hand side. It'll be a little below the "wall" and "info" tab.
2. After clicking, you will see a "create list" button on the right side of the page. Click that and name your list. (Deal sites, LookBeforeSpending, Saving Money are all good names)
3. Now find where it says "add friends to this list" and click that.
4. Switch from "friends" to "pages" and find LookBeforeSpending.
5. Select "Add to favorites" and bam! You're done!

We love to see you here on the site, but don't miss out on our fun Facebook action!

Oh I should also mention, you will have to "like" us on Facebook for any of this to happen! :)


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