And the Winner of the Starbucks Gift Card is…

With his free throw to score the first points for the Jazz tonight, Center Al Jefferson won you, Julee, a $5 Starbucks Gift Card! New favorite player?!

Thanks to all who entered and remember, check out this post to see how you can earn a consolation $5 gift card!


  1. Congrats Julee!

  2. aww…i feel so special. thanks Ap97420 for you kind words and thanks zack for the giveaway~~!!! really appreciate all of your hard work!!!! this is going towards a birthday gift for my brother. thanks so much again zack…you just made my day. actually, scratch that. you just made my month. haa

    • Thank you for YOUR kind words! Congrats again on the win! Good luck on future contests here! Your gift card is going out in tomorrow’s mail!

  3. p.s. yes, Center Al Jefferson just became my all star MVP. woohoo. I’ll have to send him a snail mail thanking him & I think the best part would be that he would have no clue what I’d be talking about.

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