Amazing Save Mart Deal for Local Folks ~ 4 Free Boxes of Cheez-Its!

We've got a great Save Mart deal for you! How would you like to get 4 boxes of Cheez-Its for free from Save Mart!?
save mart deal
Ok, here's how to do it.
1. Go to this post and join Kellogg's Family Rewards.
2. Enter all of the codes from here. As well as the code: ERESUNGANADORHOY
3. Click "Rewards" at the top when you're logged into your Family Rewards account.
4. Scroll down and find the Cheez It Reward (pictured to he left here)
5. Redeem for TWO rewards.
6. Back at your account's home page, look in the upper right and click "order status".
7. Click "print now" on your order that you now see. Go through the motions and print. Click your web browser's reload button and you'll be able to print a 2nd one!
8 Head back to your order status page, click the other reward's "print now" button and repeat the printing and reloading process.

Now you have (4) coupon good for $1.50/1 box of 8 oz. or larger Cheez-Its or Town House crackers.

Head to Save Mart, where Cheez-Its and Town House crackers are priced at $1.49 per box when you buy 4! Use the coupons and they're free! They may or may not adjust the values down once cent to equal the value of the product. Either way, you're looking at 4 free boxes of Cheez-Its and/or Town House crackers!

I think that is definitely the best Save Mart deal of the week! :D

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