Amazing Deals at Office Max for Maxperks Rewards Members! Free Backpacks, Batteries, Labels & More!

Office Max is at it again with their rewards items! There are a ton of great items that you can get for $0.01 or free after reward!
First, check out our Office Max store guide if you're new at this, and sign up for MaxPerks rewards here, then come back for the deals!

Think about this: we're buying a new computer soon right? And we know we are going to buy it one sale. Office Max has a great computer selection, so we know we can find a great one there. When we're ready, we will just wait for a sale and buy it! However, instead of just waiting a few months until we are ready and then buying it, we are going to buy a bunch of these items below, wait for our rewards and then buy the computer with the rewards! So instead of having a new computer, we'll have a new computer, 2 new backpacks, batteries, labels and an office chair! For only $10 more! We could just get the free after rewards items, but the chair is such a great price too!

Ok, so here's what they have:

Assorted backpacks - pay regular price and get the FULL amount back minus 1 cent. So if a backpack is $49.99, you will get $49.98 back!
See the backpacks here ------> Office Max Backpack Sale

Duracell 20 pack AA or AAA batteries for 1 cent after reward! $16.99 with $16.98 back.
The promo picture says limit 1 but the item details say limit 2 rewards.

avery 5160 labels
Avery 5160 Labels for 1 cent after reward! $26.99 with $26.98 back.

swingline stapler
Swingline staples for FREE after reward! $12.99 with $12.99 back in rewards! Limit 2 rewards.

You can also get a ream of paper for $1 after rewards. This Office Max Multipurpose paper ream is $6.99 with $5.99 back!

office max chair
And finally, they have a really nice Office chair for $9.99 after $70 back in rewards! Crazy good price!

Learn more about Office Max here and start getting free office supplies today!

What did you get today?


  1. Derrell D says:

    Yep, got everything but he lables

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