Alcoholic Beverage Deals ~ Buy Around Holidays to Save Money!

Need some tips on scoring alcoholic beverage deals? You're in the right place!
If you enjoy an alcoholic beverage from time to time, you know that they can be pretty pricey. It's the quickest way to blowing your monthly grocery budget! Well, it's no secret that Katie and I enjoy a drink or two from time to time, and we have mastered the art of getting cheap booze!

When grabbing a drink away from home, we only have 2 words of advice for you: Happy Hour.

However, when buying liquor, beer or wine for your home, there are many ways to save.

  • ALWAYS buy on sale. Many times, you can get an 18 pack of beer on sale for the same price as a 12 pack not on sale. If you buy it when it's not on sale, that's like dumping 6 beers down the drain! Pretty much every kind of major name brand booze goes on sale within a 2-3 week span. Like Jack Daniels? If it's not on sale this week, it probably will be next week. A little planning goes a long way!
  • Costco and Bevmo might not always be the best, but in some cases they can be. If you're buying rare or super expensive bottles (Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch), or need to get your shopping done fast, Costco is a good bet. If you're buying wine, the 5 Cent Sale at BevMo can't be beat!
  • Be aware of bulk discounts (stores like CVS and Safeway offer a 10% discount when you buy at least 6 bottles of liquor or wine)
  • Hangtags and rebates! Always be looking out for hangtags. They might not be on every bottle, so check them all before you buy one. Also, sometimes (like in our example below) there will be both instant coupons and mail in rebates available!
  • About a month before the "drinking" holidays, start looking for specific promos. You'll want to look for Irish beer and whiskey around St. Patrick's Day, sweet liquors or flavored vodkas before Valentine's Day, tequila and Mexican beer before Cinco de Mayo, champagne and almost anything before New Year's, random beer deals around summertime. Also, around Christmas time, the rebates and promotions for just about anything go around like hotcakes. Check out the amazing deals we scored last December!

One example of implementing some of these tips is our shopping trip today. We were doing our standard grocery shopping for bread, meat, milk, produce and whatnot. Upon entering the store, we were greeted with a nice display for Cinco de Mayo including 12 packs of Corona.

Ok, so here's what we found. The 12 pack was on sale for $11.99. There was an instant coupon on the pack for $1 off when you buy the 12 pack and 4 avocados. Well, we happen to LOVE avocados and already had them on our list. Right next to the display of 12 packs was a tearpad with $10 rebates! The rebate was for $10 back when you buy the 12 pack and ANY meat/poultry priced at $10 or more (can be multiple items).

So, we didn't stray from our original list by getting the meat or avocados, but with some awareness and planning, we were able to get the 12 pack of Corona for $0.99 after getting $1 off instantly and $10 back by mail! $0.99 for a 12 pack of beer! Sign me up!! :D

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