A Few Target Updates ~ Tazo Tea $1 Per Box!

So we just hit Target to use our $1/1 Mac & Cheese coupon. They were out of the regular kind, and it wasn't even on price cut, so that was a complete fail.

However, we did find Bear Naked cookies in 8 ct. boxes for $2.99. We had a $2/1 coupon and paid juts $0.99. Sign up to have a $2 coupon emailed to you here (scroll down a bit).

Best of all, we found Tazo tea boxes on price cut for $2.99. We got 2 and used the $2/2 Target coupon and used two $1/1 from the 11/22 Smart Source.
Paid just $1 per box!

Also, a note on the Mac & Cheese. They have several shapes of noodles (not all macaroni shape) but all of the boxes say Macaroni and Cheese, so the coupon is good for any variety!

Also, they were hard at work putting more clearance items on the endcaps at our store, so be on the lookout for updated clearance items and lower prices!


  1. It’s funny how Starbucks charges $2-3 dollars for a cup of their Tazo tea, when you get a box of 16-20 teabags from target for .99 cents. Thank goodness I’ve been cooking for myself and drinking more tea at home lately- saves me money AND saves my waistline. LOL ;)

    And epic fail- my laser printer’s ink cartridge is dying, so it printed my coupons half-done. Now I can’t reprint them, nor can I use them because half of the coupon is missing. *headdesk*. The Mac & Cheese gods cursed me for posting in your other post with me saying “I don’t like Mac & Cheese” !! Cream of Crappoly soup! >:(

    • Oh no! And to make matters worse, laser cartridges cost a fortune! Sometimes, the deal is better if we just buy a whole new printer instead of ink/toner!


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