A Couple of Awesome Grocery Deals from an Awesome Reader!

One of our wonderful readers, Kathy, sent us over a couple of deals that she found at Safeway and Save Mart! Kathy, if you're reading this, thanks again for sending these over, you rock! :)

First up, at Safeway:
Load this offer in your just for U account under the coupon center.

Now since that is a "price point" coupon as opposed to a "$$ off coupon", we can use an additional coupon! So print the BOGO Free coupon here or print TWO $1/1 coupons here and get two for as low as $0.25 each!

So now head over to Save Mart and score some free juice!
They've got Old Orchard healthy balance 64 oz. juice for BOGO Free on sale.
- Join the newsletter and get the BOGO Free coupon here You'll have to join, then click "earn points" and send a BOGO coupon to a friend. After you provide a friend's email address and send the coupon to them, they'll provide a link for YOU to print the coupon as well!
- you should be able to use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale, getting you 2 free things of juice. You can actually print 2 coupons, so you could get 4 free! :o
- you can also send a BOGO coupon to a friend, so if yo know anyone else who would like 2 free things of juice, give them their email address!

(Thanks, Kathy!)

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