A Bad Sign of the Times?

Well this is no good. We're doing the Rite Aid matchups for next week and saw this on page 1 of the ad.

Coming in the next P&G, 20 cents off one Tide?!

20 flipping cents?!? That is disgraceful P&G. It seems like they are playing a "how low can we go" game. Well, I think if we have an option from now on, we will NOT be buying a P&G product. If their sales figures continue to rise while dropping coupons, who knows what their next move will be!

We will do our best to get you the best deals on everything, especially products that actually still give a coupon with a value not worth laughing at!

Who knows? Maybe Rite Aid could be wrong. However, there will definitely be some $0.25/1 coupons in the same insert. Just a few months ago, we would have never even seen a coupon with such a pitiful value! Now, P&G appears to be testing the waters with these $.25 coupons. This month, there will be lousy $0.25 coupons for Crest, Scope, Charmin, Tide, Bounty and Puffs! I know I'll do my best to not use those lame coupons. They can track redemptions, and maybe if the redemptions tank, things will change.

OK. End rant.

Note: This does make us realize the need to extend your money saving lifestyle beyond coupons. As you know if you follow this site, there are MANY ways to save money without even using a coupon! So that's a positive note! :D


  1. I hope this is a late April Fool’s prank of some sort.
    They usually say “coins add up over time”, but 20 cents is NOT worth my time to clip and use.

    I’m glad I still have a decent stockpile of laundry detergent of Purex/All, so I’m not too desperate yet haha.

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