6pm Leap Day Sale ~ $29 Boots and Outerwear!

In celebration of Leap Day, get select boots and outerwear at 6pm.com for just $29!

Here's some of the $29 deals that we found especially exciting:

Get this Women's North Face jacket, which retails for $79!

This Men's Oakley Bolt Jacket, which retails for $100!

These super cute Jessica Simpson boots, which retail for $129!

Plus, check out this awesome deal on the ever-so-popular Nike Air Vengeance, on sale for just $30, retailing for $75!

And last, but certainly not least, are these hilariously AWESOME Moon Boots, which retail for $100! I just had to include these. I just. Had to. You understand. They even come in hot pink. Hot pink! But I kind of like the white. At least in white, they have more of a chance to blend in with the snow.

Happy Leap Day and, more importantly, Happy Leap Day Shopping!

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