$5 Subway Footlongs in September!

subway 5 dollar footlongs september
To celebrate their birthday, you can get $5 Subway footlongs in September! This lasts all month long, ending September 30th. There are so many choices, including the Italian BMT, Buffalo Chicken, Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham, and many more! Happy birthday to Subway, but really, it's like a happy birthday to us, because we're the ones who are winning here. What's your favorite Subway sandwich?


  1. Oven roasted chicken breast on flatbread or with the regular breads w/ most of the yeast/dough pulled out! Haha!

    • Ooh, we’ve never tried the flatbread, but I find myself pulling most of the dough off of the bread too (even the wheat- my favorite) so I think flatbread is probably a good solution! We will definitely be trying it!

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