35 ct. Packages of Clorox Wipes Just $0.99 Each from Office Depot!

Right now, you can get Clorox wipes for $0.99 per container from Office Max! Orders over $20 get free shipping too! So there's a couple of things you can do here.

These would be perfect to add on to any on of their many great Black Friday deals going on right now. See them all here.

Or you could do this:
Buy 21 Wipes @$0.99 each for a total of $20.79 and get free shipping!


  1. Is this a good stock up price?

    • I would say so. The wipes are tough to get for under $2, so $1 each shipped is great!

      • I’m comparing prices online (e.g., Walmart, Amazon)

        21 Tubs of 35 ct Wipes = 735 Wipes = $22.61 w/ tax

        Walmart: $2.48 per 35ct Wipes @ $2.48; $49+ to qualify for free shipping.

        No math really needed though haha!

        My biggest concern right now is WHERE can I put 21 of these!?
        And I have the worst luck with Office Max and their items: Few months back, with all their “free” items after MaxPerks, there was always “Defective” items in my shipment (i.e., Banker’s box that was torn/damaged in the shipping process, dried out markers/pens, etc.) Luckily, OM customer service were great and I got a refund on the items. I don’t know if I will have the willpower to make sure all 21 containers aren’t “dried out”. Dramatic much? Hahahah

        • Lol! Well, if you can’t tell if they are dry without opening them, I’d think twice about this one because once you open them, I think you’d have trouble using all 21 of them before they dried out…
          Maybe split with someone?

          • Haha yeah thanks Zack! Got my cousin to split half of them with me, and I will be giving some away to teachers/office-workers haha :)

          • Nice! Can’t beat the price, glad you found someone to split it with!

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