$31 of Produce Delivered to Your Door for $15!

Living Social has $31 of produce for $15 from Farm Fresh to You.

This is a great chance to get local produce and support your local produce farmers. For $31.50 (so just $0.50 after credit), they have 3 great options: all fruit. all veggie and mixed.
The regular mixed gets you all of this:

4 cnt Watsonville Fuji Apple
3 cnt Riverside Valencia Orange
3 cnt Wenatchee Red Bartlett Pear
2 cnt Wenatchee Green D'Anjou Pear
1 bu Our Farm Nantes Carrot
1 lb Our Farm Baby Bok Choy
1 bu Our Farm Red Radish
1 bu Our Farm Bunched Arugula
1 ea. Our Farm Spaghetti Squash, winter
1 lb Lamont Yellow Onion
1 cnt Salinas Bunched Broccoli

Shipped right to your door for $15.50 with the Living Social credit here!

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