250 Premium Business/Fun Cards $10 Shipped!

Vistaprint is offering up 250 premium business cards for $10 shipped!

If you have ordered business cards from Vistaprint before, you might consider these premium cards. They are just a little step up in quality from the ones they offer for free. Also, you can customize your design or choose from hundreds of pre-made designs. With the free ones, there is no customization and you only get about 30 designs to choose from.

You don't have to own a business for these to be useful either!
Here are some ideas for other ways to use them:
- ID/contact cards for your kids when they go off to camp or parties
- Design a card with a pretty design and a blank backside and have your kids create their own memory game. They can draw 2 each of a variety of pictures, shuffle them, and flip them over 2 at a time to test their memory.
- Design your own card to be a small grocery/reminder list.

Get started creating yours here!

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