$200+ 5-Piece Husky Finishing Trim Combo Kit from Home Depot Just $89!

Home Depot is getting in on the Green Monday fun with a great sale on a 5-piece Husky finishing trim combo kit for just $89! This set retails at $207!

Here's what this set includes:
- Anodized aluminum magazine for great durability
- Double-spring magazine (brad nailer) for high functionality
- Anodized aluminum cylinder for resistance to wear and tear
- Finger depth adjustment (straight finish and brad nailer) for versatility
- 360-degree adjustable exhaust (straight finish and brad nailer) for convenience
- Air filter/anti-dust cap is pre-attached for effective performance
- Reversible belt hooks help keep your tools close by but not in the way
- Oil and wrench included for your convenience
- Goggles included for safety
- Durable canvas bag offers easy storage and transport
- Fasteners included

That's a steal at $89! Get your 5-piece Husky finishing trim combo kit <--- here today!

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