$2 Moneymaker on Samsung Bluetooth!

Triple Edit: They finally answered our question:

Double Edit: Mashup Mom did get a confirmation from 1SaleaDay's Twitter page confirming that the rebate is good for this purchase. See her screenshot here.

Edit:We do NOT recommend buying this deal. It looks like the rebate form might not be valid for purchases from 1SaleaDay.

This offer comes from 1SaleADay.

Go here to get a Samsung Bluetooth for $17.99 with free shipping.
Then, go here and print the $20 mail in rebate form.
Fill it out once you get your item and BAM! Free Bluetooth plus $2!

They even tell you in the description that it is going to be a moneymaker!

(Thanks, Mashup Mom!)


  1. From the rebate form it says, “Must submit MIR form provided with a copy of store-identified receipt. Other online retailers’ rebate forms and receipts do not qualify for this program. Will it still work? I need one bad.

    • Zack & Katie says:

      I tried calling the 1-888 number and cannot for the life of me find a live person. I’m trying other methods now.

    • Zack & Katie says:

      Samsung is my new least favorite customer service company. I got a hold of a rebate center, but they only handle appliance rebates. So I have a question out to 1SaleADay about this rebate on their Facebook page. I will copy their response (if any) here.

    • Zack & Katie says:

      Hellllo emotional roller coaster of a deal! Since we now have screenshots of 2 separate confirmations of this being a good rebate, I would say go for it! If you want, use a major credit card for the purchase so you can always do a charge back if things go wrong.

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