2 Free John Frieda Full Repair Products at Rite Aid!

We spotted a Video Values coupon for $5 off when you purchase a John Frieda Full Repair styler and shampoo or conditioner in the same purchase, so we had to test this out.

We had a $2/1 JF Full Repair coupon from a free sample in the mail (excluded trial size) and a $1/1 Full Repair (no exclusions!) shampoo or conditioner from a tear pad.
Additionally, since these items are not on sale this week, we got our wellness discount, which actually put us at a negative total so we had to add some candy. Be ready to have the coupon adjusted down, or add something else to your cart. There are a lot of other John Frieda coupons out there, but none of the match up with this deal, so you will have to check your binders for the other ones. If you keep up with our site, you should have at lease the $2/1 from the samples we posted about a while back.

Anyway, the styler was $6.99 and the trial size was $1.49.

This deal should work just fine, as there is no mention of excluding trial sizes anywhere in the Video Values coupon.

It sure worked out for us:

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