$15 off Select Tea Collection Products1 No Minimum!

Tea collection has a new Tea Baby line out. They are offering up a $15 code with no minimum! Use code BABY15 to get the $15 off!

There is a $7 flat fee for shipping, but with the $15 code, you should still be able to score an awesome deal!

Did you know that in the United States, summer months have higher birth rates than winter months?    So whether you're a mom-to-be or you want to stock up on baby shower gifts be sure to shop with Tea Collection! For 4-days only, Tea Collection is offering $15 off Tea Baby with promo code BABY15 during their Tea Baby Sale. Tea Collection is also offering buy two Gift Boxed Sets and receive an Explore Gift Boxed Set for free. Enter GIFTGIRL for a free Explore Akita Gift Boxed Set (size 6-9 months). Enter GIFTBOY for a free Explore Moon Gift Boxed Set (size 6-9 months). GIFTGIRL and GIFTBOY codes cannot be combined on one order and cannot be combined with other promotions. Be sure to check out the Tea Baby Sale today because quantities are limited.

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