$1 Moneymaker on Ban Deodorant at Rite Aid Through Sunday!

The monthly +Up Rewards have changed over at Rite Aid and they're created another freebie for the week.

Buy 2 Ban Deodorant for $3.99 BOGO Free
- get (2) $2 +Up Rewards (monthly reward)
- get $1 +Up Reward for buying 2 (weekly reward)
- Pay $4 and get $5 back!

(Thanks, NorCal Coupon Gal!)


  1. OK, so if I walk in to Rite Aid and take a deodorant up to the register, I will give them $4 and they will give me $5 back in +Up?

    • Almost! Buy 2 deodorants. They are on sale for Buy 1 Get 1 free, so you’d pay $3.99 for one and get the 2nd free. The +Up Rewards trigger when the item is scanned, so even though the second one is free, you will get the rewards for it. The monthly +Up Reward is $2 for each one and there is a weekly promo for $1 when you buy 2. I believe the limit on the rewards is 2 for each kind, so this free deal can only be done once. But still, 2 deodorants!
      Also remember that Rite Aid’s reward program changed recently and your +Up Rewards will be loaded onto your card. Your receipt will show that they were loaded, so you will be able to tell right away. You won’t be able to use the rewards until 6am the next day and they are good for 2 weeks!
      Hope that helps! Thanks for asking! :)

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